The Rojavanam academic program prepares students for access into the best colleges and universities global-wide.


The School building is is designed in modern architectural fashion. The infrastructure is state of the art with all facilities to to ensure a truly world class educational experience.


RIS education focuses on speciality of offering you with now not just subject knowledge but the practical skills and opportunities to prosper in future careers.

Welcome to Rojavanam International School

The Rojavanam international school changed into hooked up with a imaginative and prescient to offer an high-quality worldwide educational enjoy, that allows school students to change into a hit and innovative international residents and future leaders. The Rojavanam international school has a revolutionary approach using inquiry-primarily based learning to ensure pupils revel in a positive learning experience permitting them to reach their full capacity. Our school exudes a circle of family-friendly atmosphere to make your child feel valued as a significant member of the Rojavanam International school community. We carefully create a culturally numerous surroundings by recruiting students and staff from around the world.

How We Differ From Others

Learning Resources

To build sustainable learning talents, and no longer just restore a defective mastering pattern.

IT Facilities

Our IT centers are stellar, with RIS being the various first schools in India to have a networking system linked by a fiber optic cable spine intranet.

College Placements

Our graduates continue their education in colleges and universities around the world, and our Careers and university.

Recreation and Sporting Facilities

We have fantastic recreation and sporting facilities, with covered courts for basketball, indoor football, volleyball and badminton, playing fields for football, cricket, and field hockey, outdoor basketball courts, children’s playgrounds.


It’s miles a dream of many little children to examine at reputed schools and feature nice schooling, a dream which you performed on your own children. For a lot of those youngsters academic goals are shattered as their parents are not able to manage to pay for it…

Message from the Management

In the name of God, the most merciful and Compassionate. It offers us giant pride in welcoming you all to the internet site of RIS. The maximum whole gift of God is a life based on understanding. we’re right here within the cusp of an educational transformation to offer a wealth of revel in to the children and provide them a much wider audience for their first-rate paintings. We fee individualism, creativity, and management and try to nurture them in our school students and and not just books.

Our Basic Foundation Module


As we live in a international community, it's miles, therefore, imperative that the school prepares school students to be responsible and proactive individuals of it.

Physical Health

Rojavanam International school is one of the foremost educational institutions in India with a honestly superior training scheme in sports and fitness.

Emotional Quotient

RIS focuses on developing and strengthening Intelligence Quotient (IQ — ’functionality' Emotional Quotient (EQ) — ’Will’ and spiritual Quotient (SQ)— ’reason’ the various students through beginning numerous activities and sports

Personality Development

Aimed at growing students into healthful and holistic personalities, the persona development programs contain extensive education and workshops with the aid of expert trainers.


If the attitude is molded within the proper route, it becomes easy to hook up with the people. At RIS, nurturing attitude takes place informally through kindness.